With the extensive spread of COVID-19 cases across the world, we’ve been working to leverage and expand the World Food Programme’s (WFP) remote, real-time continuous food security monitoring systems. Through these systems, we have begun to collect new data that can inform our responses in light of shifting circumstances brought about by COVID-19 outbreaks.

Here you’ll find the Hunger and COVID-19 Snapshots, a new resource that provides a weekly overview of the food security situation, COVID-19 caseloads, and an indication of how relevant indicators – such as health and market access – are shifting. The data provided through these Snapshots are sourced from WFP’s remote monitoring systems and thus only cover countries where these systems are operating.

We hope that these Snapshots can help monitor the impact of COVID-19 on food security, access to services and supply chains, with an aim to capture and signal deteriorating circumstances across a variety of indicators.

To access a Snapshot, please select a country through the dropdown list above.

Note: we expect these Snapshots to continually grow and become more robust as we expand new, or adapted, continuous food security monitoring systems.